Tamron 28-200 on a6500 - thoughts?

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Re: Tamron 28-200 on a6500 - thoughts?

lyj111121 wrote:

Hi all,

I'm looking for a longer zoome to complement the 16-55 on my a6500. The main purpose is to take photos for my kid for longer zoom. I find the tamron 28-200 has the most versatile range, and pretty sound performance on full frame. Size and price are right, too. My main concern is how it performs on apsc such as A6500 in terms of:

1. IBIS - can the ibis on a6500 (weaker than FE) handle the long range well?

2 - AF - any hunting/mis-focus issue as a 3rd party lens on apsc bodies?

3 - sharpness - is it as good as it on a Full frame body?

The other choices are 70-180 (less useful range/bulkier/pricier but better image quality and larger apeture) or 70-350 (native lens and can be had with a price of Tamron 28-200, but with much smaller apeture in the 70-200 range).

Or, I'm not sure if the E18-135 should be a more realistic option compared to 28-200? I don't really mind the 18-28 diff, but more appreciate the 135-200 diff. How's its performance in the overlapping range 28-135 compared to the tamronon an apsc? I'm not really into the apsc 18-200 options given their bad reputation. I've had the 55-210 and it is BAD.

Really appreciate if anyone with this 28-200 and apsc body can chime in. Thanks in advance!

I haven't tried the 18-135 OSS or any of the 18-200's.

I compared the 28-200 to the 55-210 OSS. I would say the 28-200 is a very decent option on APS-C. The first copy I tried was soft on the right side on full-frame--that was mostly outside the APS-C area. I have another one coming. The first copy was plenty sharp in the center at all focal lengths.

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