PL 100-400 "Stiff Zoom" huge variance

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Re: Zoom lock switch

Chris R-UK wrote:

My suspicion is that the problem was caused by a fault in the zoom lock switch. After I bought my PL 100-400mm in 2018, I remember participating in a thread on this forum discussing the switch. There seemed to be a correlation between a very stiff zoom and an imprecise zoom lock switch. Possibly the switch wasn't going all the way to "off". Fixing the switch would presumably have been a fairly easy change for Panasonic to implement.

My copy of the lens (2018) has a moderately stiff zoom and a zoom lock switch that is just a little imprecise when switching between on and off. It is very sharp and I am extremely pleased with it. It is much sharper than my old Canon 100-400mm MkI.

Absolutely!.  The zoom lock switch on my first copy never seemed to go completely to off position even if I turned it to extreme.  It never seemed precise.   
 FYI, I never needed this switch anyway, there was zero chance of lens creep, even on new copy with smooth zoom, pointing lens down does not result in movement from 100 to 400 length

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