Help please regarding 1st Sigma Merrill camera

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Re: Help please regarding 1st Sigma Merrill camera

mike earussi wrote:

The SD1M is the most versatile of course as it allows for interchangeable lenses, but it does require patience to get the best results.

I use mine mostly for landscape pano stitching and have found the 70 macro A an excellent focal length to use.

The best image quality comes from using the best glass, i.e. low to no distortion, little to no CA and LCA, center to corner sharpness, etc.

Sigma's best lenses for this purpose are the A lenses: 40 f1.4, 50 f1,4, 70 f2.8 macro, 85 f1.4, 105 f1.4, and 135 f1.8. All of these but the 70 macro are expensive, heavy and bulky, which is one of the reasons I chose the 70 macro (it's also overall the highest in image quality).

A good lens test site to examine these (and other) lenses in detail is:

All of these lenses need to be AF calibrated which can take time and practice to do it right.

You also need spare batteries, a remote release either cable or IR (if you can find one) and a right angle view finder.

A less expensive and bulky alternative is the DP3M considered the best of the DPM series.

Thanks Mike for the info that is very helpful. I did do some pano stitching with my Kodak which were OK but not great - probably my technique and lack of knowledge. It took me most of the day  many years ago - when I do a pano now with my phone it is pretty amazing considering how fast and and quick it is  - just a few seconds!

That link was very good I have never heard of it before I will bookmark it for the future.

I must confess I was after a smaller camera like the DP series and was wondering how they have survived over the years and any problems to look out for and if anyone can fix them if they do go wrong?

Also how has  the SD1 done over the years are there any issues to look out for?

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