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Maybe the R3 is the Rumored 90-ish Megapixel Camera - Just a Guess

As I understand it based on Canon History:

1=Sports/Action/Speed generally with moderate resolution and the "most pro." As in 1DX with 20 megapixels and $6,500.  I'm guessing this is the one for Global Shutter mirrorless.

5=High-Resolution but generally with less speed and/or focus tracking. As in 5D with 30M and $2,500 or the 5Ds with 50M.

6=Lower resolution and slightly crippled version of the 5 (ala the 6D and R6)

7=APS-C size sensor with 5-like features (as the 7D)

This leaves R3 as a wild card. My guess (only a guess) by a process of elimination, will be for a super-high-resolution camera line. Such as the rumored 90-ish megapixels with less video capability.

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