Nokishita: Canon R3

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Re: Nokishita: Canon R3

This R3 could have the rumored 20-21 Mpix global shutter sensor, with QuadPixelAF, dedicated to sports and any fast subjects.

Maybe Canon can't release now an 8k global-shutter sensor with QuadPixelAF, and that it's still in laboratories for the next flagship R1 (or maybe the R1 will be a compromise between highres classical rolling-shutter sensor and fast enough readout, compared to A1, eg 1/250s).

With 20 Mpix only, the R3 could not compete directly with Z9 and A1, but could be faster than them. That will be the only argument.

Let's wait for the price too ! Canon could sell the R3 about $5500, just to be under the others for the moment, before the R1 arrives at $8000 !!!

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