RAW Processing Defaults DxO vs Adobe

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RAW Processing Defaults DxO vs Adobe

Following from a remark made by @knickerhawk I have investigated the issue of baseline exposure compensation that is explained here

I have the following 3 cameras and those are the results of baseline exposure

Panasonic GH5 0.3

Panasonic G9 0.66

Olympus EM1II 0.81

This is pretty much what I expected as I know the EM1 has a lot highlight protection compared to my GH5 and a bit more than the G9

I have noticed issues with significantly different brightness when I process a RAW file with DxO vs Adobe. Adobe process tries to counter what the camera does and apply correction so that all images look pretty much the same


if you know that your camera is doing some form of highlight protection and you expose to the right or even adjust the metering to eliminate it because you want to manage that yourself you then end up with strange results

This is just a straight JPEG export of the same identical file with no adjustment from Adobe Camera Raw and Dxo

This is the same RAW as processed by DxO


The adobe file has a set of compensation and therefore looks brighter than the DxO file that I would think does not do anything with the image as presented (this is presumed but may just be different).

There are some situations when I export a DNG from DxO into lightroom for further processing and I find that lightroom clips the highlights I am now thinking it is because it is applying the camera correction. If I instead create a TIFF I have no issues of any sort.

I guess if you know exactly what your camera is doing and you are managing it you may not get the best results from adobe products unless you re-calibrate the basic settings

On a separate note this also explains why some images from the EM1MKII have more noise in the shadows compared to my GH5 as there is 0.5 stops of highlight protection which means the EM1 images are by default darker

If anyone knows how DxO defaults work it would help, from what I see it is exactly what the camera does without adjustments

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