Shutter shock in the GFX 100S

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Re: Shutter shock in the GFX 100S

JimKasson wrote:

I tested shutter shock at 1/30 second with a GFX 100S, the 250 mm f/4, and a 1.4X TC, with the camera in portrait orientation, which is the worst case.


  • Don't even think about using MS.
  • ES is slightly better than EF.
  • The difference between EF and ES is not due to vibrations from the preceding shots.

Details here:

I suppose I should test with other lenses and other shutter speeds, but I don't have the patience. As it is, this took me half a day.

Thanks for the time.  Just a quick question, compare to other camera (like a DSLR) is it better, worst or equivalent ?


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