MacBook Pro and Spyder X

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Re: MacBook Pro and Spyder X

Jacques Cornell wrote:

dmiller62 wrote:

I have use these settings :

WB : 6500K

Luminance : 120 cd/m2

I wouldn't expect that to look "yellowish". You haven't provided all the info I requested.

Also, how old is your Spyder X colorimeter?

1. The question about "yellowish" isn't unusual. People who haven't calibrated a display before to 6500K often ask that question, because it's different than what they're used to seeing (uncalibrated displays routinely have a native color temperature that's higher than 6500K, so calibration will reduce the color temperature, which by definition is going to make it warmer and "more yellow").

2. It doesn't matter how old the SpyderX is.

It certainly can matter how old a colorimeter is. The filters in them can degrade over time (several years), making their measurements inaccurate. Modern ones are less susceptible to this, but some older models needed to be replaced after a few years.

SpyderX is a completely new design. It doesn't have filters.

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