7D Mark II AF Settings for Birds in Flight

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7D Mark II AF Settings for Birds in Flight

The title says it all.

This question isn't strictly for 7D II users. 70D, 80D and 90D users may very well have some information to contribute.

For people who are successful at photographing birds in flight which case or settings for Tracking Sensitivity, Accel/decel tracking and AF pt auto switching do you use mostly.

The reason for your selection might also be very helpful.

Over the past month or so I've been fairly successful and I've been using Case 3.

My reasoning is that I photograph birds the fly left-right, right-left as well as travelling toward me. I try to avoid the temptation to shoot birds flying away from me. So I want fast response (I+1).

I've used mostly center point focus with 8 helpers although I'm now trying to see how I'll do with center point with 4 helper.

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I'm tempted to try a few things differently. I keep finding different explanations for various things. For instance, other than total size, what's the difference between between single point and 4/8 helpers and 15 point.

One explanation is 15 point will focus on whatever is over a focus point and closest to the camera while single point and helpers does not do that. Then I'm not sure what it does.

I'm hesitant to switch Tracking response to the negative side since I feel the camera may hold the existing focus too long for a bird flying toward me. I may try using 0 (neutral).

= = = = =

I'd like to try single point center focus but I think I may not be steady enough any more. I may try though.

I've gotten decent results using Case 3 but now I'd like to see if anything different might improve my results.

Comments, especially reasons for the choices would be much appreciated.

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