Is anyone REALLY buying LR presets?

Started Apr 12, 2021 | Discussions thread
robgendreau Veteran Member • Posts: 9,852
Re: Is anyone REALLY buying LR presets?

Who buys them?


I've bought a couple of packages of them.

I don't disagree with some here that they aren't particular helpful, so why do it? in my case it's for the same reason some people put them up for sale on their YT channel, etc: to monetize their work. I got lots of helpful info at Lonely Speck eg about astro. For free. So why not give him some money for the presets? Some providers who's work I've benefitted from—for "free"—request Patreon donations, etc. I do that too. But if they hawk presets, fair paying for the video content. Do I use them? not much.

The exception are the film presets from outfits like VSCO, when they did them back in the day. Tough to get that right, and I didn't always have examples of say some of the Fuji or Kodak films, properly scanned without color cast, that I could try to build myself from imperfect memory. Nowadays 3D LUTs or profiles would be the way to go for that; these still aren't easy to build and hence worth purchasing if you're chasing more exact looks than you can do by hand.

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