What keeps you in the Pentax sytem?

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What keeps you in the Pentax sytem?

If, like me you have a variety of cameras, mirrorless and DSLR - what makes you stay with Pentax? Is it the glass? The optical VF and weather sealing? Or perhaps you can't quite let go yet even though common sense tells you mirrorless is the future?

With all the excitement of the new K3 III I've been swept up in it and even considered this upcoming APS-C goliath. It's uber expensive from where I sit. I purchased a grey import Sony A9 some time back and that was I think about £2200 - not much more. Yet it can do a whole lot more than the K3 III and there is the huge plethora of lenses, OEM, 3rd party and legacy.

I've always liked the OVF ever since I had a Canon 5D. I find the EVF view misleading and with it I take far too many shots that later get deleted. With the OVF I see it for real albeit I have to take more care with exposure and chimping is hard to resist especially when I've been predominantly using mirrorless and then switch to the DSLR.

Then their is the Pentax colors. I shoot RAW but it's still lovely to see a camera produce colors by default that just make you smile. None of this messing around with white balance in post and making do with a look that is near enough to what you want. With other cams I sometimes switch to b&w because the color is just not working for me.

I have mixed feelings about my KP. It's far more capable than I am, no question. Yet I don't find the buttons and dials falling naturally to my fingers. It's not the ergonomic success the K-5 was for me. That camera just hit the sweet spot - I still miss it!

The DA Ltd 20-40mm lens is probably the best zoom I've ever owned. I just cannot fault it. I'm also very impressed with the PLM 55-300mm zoom. A solid performer that is tiny in comparison to my Sony FF 70-400mm. APS-C can certainly beat FF when it comes to reach and travelling light. Then again my Panasonic GX9 and 45-175mm can save even more weight and sacrifice little in terms of image quality. I guess there are tipping points that sway you one way or the other.

Another option that is at hand today is available in the high MP FF cameras - crop C mode. Now your lenses can double duty and you can get reach without resorting to bazooka lenses. Will this further diminish the APS-C market? To me it seems the APS-C format is being squeezed from both larger and smaller sensors. Add mirrorless to the mix and the APS-C DSLR looks like it's coming to an end.

I just hope Pentax can survive long enough to find another niche that other manufacturers have overlooked. Maybe Ricoh has the answer. The GRD has been a long time success and maybe there is room for other fixed lens cameras with Pentax glass in them.

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