Sigma Foveon and/or another alternative/additional camera system?

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Re: Sigma Foveon and/or another alternative/additional camera system?

Of course Foveon is not about pure resolution, it is the Bayer way. But with Merrill you have   45 million pixels, with fp l you have 60 million. Technically the difference is obvious because  of the different contrustion, in practice I don't see a reason why a 20-25MP X3 sensor would superior to 60MP interpolated. The processing difference may affect most on look of the image, also you see the on pixel level but not in practical viewing or print.

If they go with higher resolution to keep in race with Bayer, they end up with same problem  as Merrill, noise because the small pixels of bottom layers.

However I have to admit that Merrill look still unique. I prefer 24MP Bayer image most times, but I've never been able to achieve that distant 3D look and grittines. The only thing I get beyond a certain point are artifacts. Moire also appears at some cases, but in case of Foveon X3 color bloches, desaturation, noise, banding cause a lot more problem.

I don't say high resolution Bayer makes Foveon pointless. Definitely like different technologies to available. Someone prefer x-trans, most folks Bayer. I'm still fan of three layer sensor and the most unique three full resolution layer, and there is a place for Quattro layout. But also I think high resolution Bayer has made a bigger hit on Foveon than  ever, and the developing problems of the new X3 not make things easier.

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