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36 Megapixels?

yayatosorus wrote:

Fujirumors is reporting, based on a tip from an anonymous source, that the X-H2 will be 8K ready, meaning that it will yield a sensor of at lest 36MP.

How do you get the 36 megapixel figure? I get 33 for 16:9 video, and 39 for a 3:2 APS-C sensor with that pixel width:

8k video at 16:9 aspect ratio, twice the resolution of 4K (3840*2160) in both directions:
7680 * 4320 = 33.2 million.

APS-C sensor at 3:2 ratio, width the same 7690 pixel width:
7680 * (7680 * 2/3) = 39.3 million.

Yours is right in between. Could you explain where you get it from and in that case how my numbers are wrong?

Nonetheless, as of yet, it seems to be a "lower-tier" rumor in terms of credibility, so take this with a BIG grain of salt.

Personally I have zero interest in 8K and hope they don't spend too much resources on it that could be used at something else, like shaving off some weight, size and cost. Main reason against it is the obscene amount of data which in 99% of cases you can't tell apart from 4k anyway.

On the positives... Being 8K capable usually says good things about the 4k performance. We might see 4k 120Hz which looks insane. Just please please please DON'T MAKE SLOW MOTION THE ONLY OPTION AT 120Hz!!!
I absolutely hate that the only way to shoot 120Hz video is to manually scale every clip back up to 120Hz in post, and to get audio have to capture and sync it with a separate device.

I'm in favor of the sensor being in the 40 megapixels for stills. In 90% of practical use and lens-f/stop combinations there is some other bottleneck that makes 24MP just as good, but higher pixel density opens up more reach to crop with the sharpest lenses and good conditions at f/4-5.6. XF90mm or XF80mm for wildlife (except birds), anyone?

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