New Chicks, Lizards, Bittern, Fishing Action (4/12/21)

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New Chicks, Lizards, Bittern, Fishing Action (4/12/21)

Picking up right where my last post left off, with action on January 2nd - this post will wrap up that day of shooting at Wakodahatchee Wetlands, and also share some photos taken the following weekend on January 9th at a different wetlands spot.

All of the shots were taken with the A6600 and the FE 200-600mm G OSS combo, and all are posted at 1800 pixels on the long side if you view the original size:

A young green iguana, lounging out on a bed of fern leaves and getting some sun

Some glossy ibis were wandering around the shallows, and when they positioned just right, the iridescent colors would pop out of their brown coats

Almost always the first of the nesting birds to hatch their eggs - these newly hatched great blue heron chicks were just a few days old

A view of both chicks up and about - those two poles they're sitting behind are mom's legs

The lovely but elusive least bittern came out of the tall thick reeds to walk to the water's edge and do some fishing in front of me

Nothing was caught while he was out in the open, and he decided to scurry back to hiding in the deep cover behind

Seeing a tricolored heron come flying in low over the water, I was hoping it would stop and do some fishing.  Tricoloreds are some of the more frantic and impatient fishers of the wading birds - rather than sit quietly and still, they often jump and fly around, plunging in the water, and calling out

Indeed the tricolored did stay and do some fishing - launching from the bed of plants behind, he first 'ran' out across the water - mostly airborne on the wing, but just barely and cycling the legs across the surface as if walking or running on it

He came up from one plunge with a small fish in his bill

Not content with that one tiny meal, he flew/ran back out and made a big plunge in the water to try for another

A lovely black-bellied whistling duck came flying by in the clear sky

This big old male green iguana was showing off his line of orange spikes backlit from the sun, and his huge dewlap dragging on the ground under his chin

A female anhinga had climbed a dead tree limb sticking out of the water, as a perfect place to stretch out the wings and dry off.  After swims under the water, these birds need to dry their wings as they do get a bit more wet than the more water-resistant oily feathers of ducks

Just a couple of shots from January 9 the following weekend, up at Peaceful Waters park in Wellington.  The American wigeon ducks were there for winter - this pair hanging out with a mottled duck

I like to see wigeons, as we don't see them too often in our local wetlands - this spot is farther north and west, and gets a few more species of wintering ducks that don't come as far south unless we're having an unusually strong cold front (which we haven't had for 11 years now).

Comments, questions, and critique invited, encouraged, and welcomed as always!

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