How can I compress in terms of pixels not file size?

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Re: How can I compress in terms of pixels not file size?

CameronCox wrote:

Is there a (free and hopefully not too complex) way to compress an image from 'a' x 'b' pixels to 'c' x 'd' pixels?


I'm trying to take a high-res satellite picture of Earth at 2500x1187px, and lower its resolution by a factor of 1.6 in each dimension.

Satelite images have what is called spatial resolution meaning that every pixel in the image represents some distance on the ground, so a really good camera might have spatial resolution of 1m, and a bad camera might have 3000m. The image I have has spatial resolution of 10m, but the camera that my project's satellite is using will have a spatial resolution of 16m. Hence the need to adapt the original image to a lower resolution so it can better represent what our satellite's images might look like.

So I need a way to change the image dimensions to:

2500/1.6 = 1563px width

1187/1.6 = 742px height

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Any basic image editor (Photoshop, GIMP, etc.) can do that. Some degree of interpolation will be necessary.

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