Example of EFCS vs ES vs Mechanical with the 250 & 1.4 TC. ES wins - No vibration

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Focus moved, but if there is shutter shock: Use shooting-only IS from tripod?

Looking at the two bottom pictures, and the white-painted wood above and below the box: The ES shot is sharper above the box (farther focus), the MS shot is sharper below the box (closer focus).

250mm lens at f/5.6 has a 250mm / 5.6 = 45mm wide aperture, which makes a pretty shallow dof. Gotta be super sensitive with that, especially on high resolution MF where it's so noticeable.

That's not a proof that there isn't shutter shock, though. Just that we can't be sure from this image alone.
If there is shutter shock; would IS mode 2 (shooting only) be a good idea when shooting from a tripod? In theory it should do nothing, and thus nothing stupid while sitting still on the tripod, until the shutter is released and then stabilize against the shutter shock. I don't have the relevant gear to test it, so just asking if others think my assumption is good here.

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