M50 as a casual sports shooter?

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Re: M50 as a casual sports shooter?

I just want to add a little more to my previous post, now that I see you are (also) interested in the M6 II.

MyM6II wrote:

kangarooinoz wrote:

Hi guys,

I'm looking to upgrade my Olympus em5ii. I mostly take landscape and travel shots hence I like my cameras light and portable.

Since you mostly take landscape and travel shots, you should take a look at the EF-M 11-22mm lens. It's an excellent wide angle zoom, a great lens for your interests. It is compact, light and not very expensive (great value).

( For some samples, take a look at this thread. )

For more great EF-M lenses, take a look at the other "Post your PHOTOS!" threads. (Just a tip: for IQ, nothing beats the EF-M 32mm 😉 and for compactness; the EF-M 22mm )

However being near the sea the opportunity to take photos of surfing and surf competitions sometimes arises too.

I was thinking the M50 or m50 mark ii could fit the bill as I could put on a long lens if needed. Sony and Fuji are options too but their lens prices scare me.

Is it possible to get sharp images and good autofocus for sports with an m50 and long lens attached?


Yes. Of course it is. 😃

And even better with an M6 Mark II.

The M6II AF is just fantastic.

For long lenses, take a look at the EF-S 55-250mm IS STM (It's important to get the STM version That is the best.) This lens is also pretty cheap and very great value. It weighs only 375g. I can also recommend the Meike adapter (only 60 grams). Total only 435 grams.

If you mount this on the M6II (32 MP sensor) and crop the images down to 20MP you will get a reach of 510mm on the long end (FF equivalent).

If you can manage with a little shorter, the EF-M 55-200mm is also a great lens and VERY compact and light. (only 260 grams). And it does not need the adapter. This will give you 320mm (FF equivalent) on the 32 MP sensor and 408mm if you crop your pictures down to 20 MP. (It is also a great travel lens.)

If these lenses are not long enough, take a look at the EF 70-300 IS II USM or maybe the Sigma 100-400 mm lens (for EF mount).

So the M6II gives you both high resolution (MPs for landscapes etc.) and great AF + reach for sports, wildlife etc. (cropability).

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