Sigma Foveon and/or another alternative/additional camera system?

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Re: Sigma Foveon and/or another alternative/additional camera system?

Merrill is a decade old tech, it's a bit unfair comparison to a new high resolution bsi sensor. However I'd like to get 15MP "Merrillised" raw files from FP-L as a three layer sensor simulation. Of course you can do it in post process.

Theese high resolution Bayer sensors are making the three layer sensor obselete for good. Old Merrill was superior to 12-16MP bayer sensors, but I can't imagine now with an 20MP FF X3 sensor shows that supeirority over a 60MP Bayer. Of course it'd destroy Bayer on pixel level, or may have a bit adventage on same magnification, like no haloing edges and no moire. But theese advantages would be almost non existent in practice and defintely not worth the exchange for disadvantages, like PP speed, operation speed, processing battery consumption, color noise when start pushing shadows.

I think Sigma will give up the new Foveon development. I see a little chance as Yamazaki obsessed with the X3 design and unique cameras, they actually give us the X3 FF Foveon, but that will be the last X3. There are too many flaws, too little demand, and Sigma has no luxury to burn siginficant funds for an obsession. I'm very impressed with their perseverance, and like them because they're manufacturing great lenses and unique cameras as first priority of love of photograpghy and providing, not money making.

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