Z6ii or Z7ii for my needs?

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Re: Z6ii or Z7ii for my needs?

shuncheung wrote:

aniltulsi wrote:

For BIF, I use Wide Area (L), as I don't trust Auto Area to find the bird. For bird on perch, I use Auto Area with the tracking box, whatever it is called.

I always use TC-1.4 with my 200-500, so the maximum aperture is f/8. The low light is when I reach ISO 6400, with shutter falling below 1/200s. Then the camera starts hunting a lot. I think Z6ii should still be able to AF, in such conditions.

For a few years, I used the 200-500mm/f5.6 AF-S VR on my D5 and D500. Even on those bodies, its AF is on the slow side. When you add a 1.4x TC, the 200-500's AF is going to be pretty hopeless, even on the D5.

For me, that issue is partially solved when I switched to the 500mm/f5.6 PF; it is still not an f4 lens, but AF is more responsive.

Yes, 200-500 is a slow focusing lens, and after putting TC-1.4, the maximum aperture become f/8, which is difficult for most DSLR's to AF with. Very few focus points of DSLR can AF at f/8. But Mirrorless is a different story. All focus points can auto focus easily at f/8 or f/11 or f/18... That way, my Z6 works much better with this lens-TC combo than any DSLR does. Adding the TC is not that bad with ML. However, I will have to move to a good prime lens, or wait for the Z 200-600 lens, if I want to see any significant AF improvement.

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