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Kevin Stephens wrote:

I have Lightroom 6.0 on my laptop (and the original installation CD which I bought new)

Mac users be aware that Lr6 will not install in Catalina or BigSur OS.

v6 is Falling Apart- Petapixel article

I've used LR chaotically and ineffectively up until now and not used it for organising my pictures. I've used file manager instead of LR to move pictures around which are scattered in various folders on my laptop and also back up drives because of limited space on my hard drive.

Moving files with a file manager will 'Totally' corrupt the Lightroom Catalog with 'Missing' preview indicators!

I have RAW photos, full size jpegs, reduced size jpegs for web, tiffs from my film scanner, and also go pro videos (does LR handle videos now?)

I'm now keen to make amends, sort out my photos and start using LR properly from now on; and I could do with some guidance.

I'm thinking of getting a dedicated external drive, maybe an NAS and suitable back up drive (or maybe cloud storage)

Adobe Cloud is not a suitable 'backup' location for files referenced by Lr-CLASSIC. Hard-drives are relatively 'cheap' to buy. Backup to drives!

Can (should) I use LR as a file manager to gather my scattered files and store them all in the external drive?

I would suggest 'gather' first, then use the LrC Import to simply 'ADD' (not'Copy') all files to a new Catalog, leaving them exactly where you 'gathered' them in their folders.

OTOH If you are starting from a new Catalog, you can use an Import procedure that can 'move' all imported files to a DATED Folder structure (hierarchy). If you prefer a 'Dated' folder system.

I'm guessing that this way LR should keep track of my files and know where they are? eg loading files from my SD card to my laptop, then moving them to external drive when I get home.

If you import the files from the camera into a folder on the laptop and then later want to 'move' them to an external connected drive, then you 99% should use the LrC folder panel to move the files. Better to Import them direct to the external drive right from the start! (if you have the drive with you always).

If you 'Edit' files with Lr-CLASSIC on the Laptop (a 'second' install)- then there is an advanced function to 'Merge' this laptop catalog with the 'Home Desktop' catalog.

Do I need to "import" each file individually in order to do this, or is there a way of handling whole folders in one go?

Lr-Classic can Import ALL photo files on a Drive in one step! Just select a Folder (even a 'Pictures' folder and include sub-folders) and LrC previews and allows all the files to Import.

As part of this exercise I'm assuming I can use LR to delete the unwanted files to save space, or do I need to use file manager for this?

Lr-Classic IS the "File Manager" USE IT!!! Nothing else!!! AND Import ALL files and use the LrC catalog to organize (and Delete permanently any unwanted images).

Remember though that your photos are not 'IN' Lightroom. The Catalog only references their hard-drive location (like a public Library catalog indexes the books out on the shelves)

I understand that I can add key word tags to files so that I can search for subjects, no matter where I store them so long as the catalogue keeps track of where they are?

Correct. And you can 'Star Rate', and you can create Collections to gather selected files in groups for special purposes, eg. a Book or Slideshow.

Does the latest subscription version of LR offer many improvements over LR 6.0? if so what are the main benefits?


I have Capture One on my ipad which I find to be an intuitive self contained RAW processor and editor when I am away on trips when I'd rather not take my laptop, especially as it enable wireless transfer of files from my Pentax and Olympus cameras using their appropriate apps. I understand that the subscription version of LR (but not LR 6.0?) can also work on an ipad, is this a fully functional programme, or simplified version, or just a web access that I need internet access for?

A subscription to the Photography Plan (20GB) gives you-

Lightroom-Classic v10.2 (the latest version upgrade from v6. Stores your photos 'locally'.)

Photoshop v20.3 (the latest and full version with Camera Raw 13.2)

Lightroom-Mobile v6.xx (for Mobile Devices: iPads, iPhones, Android devices)

Lightroom-Desktop v4.2 (a 'Desktop' version of the Mobile Apps that stores photos in the Cloud)

Lightroom-Web (to access, view, edit any photos synced to the Cloud- using a Web Browser.)

A Portfolio Web Site.

(Also you get Adobe Bridge- But Lightroom-Classic is better as the File Manager!!)

Subscribe- you won't be sorry!

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