M50 as a casual sports shooter?

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Re: M50 as a casual sports shooter?

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Hi, sorry for the delay and thanks for the detailed reply. Yes I think you're right regarding staying with M4/3. Unless you're a pro sports shooter you have to go pretty expensive for similar performance.

So my plan is to just buy a zoom lens for my existing M4/3 camera.

What the other poster failed to tell you is that the 32 MP M6ii will in fact give you even more "reach" than even a 20 MP M43 body.

The OP was asking about the M50, not the much more expensive M6 II.

So? I'm recommending the M6ii. Folks on the M Forum post about M Series cameras quite a bit, but that doesn't stop you from recommending every other brand of camera every chance You get.

I 100% agree with R2 here.

Even with cropping the M6 II, Canon can't match the reach of the m4/3 Panasonic 100-300mm f/4-5.6 OIS in a remotely comparable size and weight. Somewhere I seem to remember reading "You have to take the entire SYSTEM into consideration."

When a person is asking about shooting sports in this forum, I'll always recommend they consider the M6ii, since IME it's an outstanding camera for sports.


What you also fail to mention is that the OP is considering sticking with his 5+ y/o 16 MP M43 body. Given that choice I'll be voting for the M6ii thank you.


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