Craving more megapixels?

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Re: Craving more megapixels?

I like the concept of having a high rez FF sensor like the Sony A7R4. In crop mode it has the identical pixel pitch as the XT4 or GFX100. It can be used for landscape, or product shots in FF mode with high quality lenses and for high volume shooting in crop mode with an apsc lens like the Tamron 17-70 f/2.8 VC. And the body size is not much bigger than the flagship Fuji FX apsc models. The full frame lenses are smaller and cheaper than the GFX counterparts and the additional Tamron 17-70 f/2.8 VC does not add a lot of weight.

I wish Fuji would have done that. This sensor in a Fuji camera would have been perfect for MY needs.

I shot medium format film for years. As much as I like medium format. The limited depth of field is always a limit. I am not a big fan of stopping down to 16 or 22 with digital or using focus stacking to get everything in focus with a GFX.

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