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In short ..., the quality vs. size ratio of smartphones is much higher than that of cameras. The mobile is very thin and there is almost no room for anything, the camera, any camera, is very wide and has much more space, I have tried many cameras, all of which have a small sensor (1 / 2.3 "- 6.17 x 4.55 mm ), apparently they have many possibilities that are mostly nothing more than nonsense or "sales arguments", but the end result: image quality, noise levels, dynamic range, are always very poor. They often have optics excellent from reputable manufacturers such as Zeiss or Leica, but this does not change anything: the end result remains the same: poor image quality. A separate case is the 1-inch sensor, which in the case of the RX of Sony, the result is considerably higher, it is not so good with the 1-inch FZ of Lumix, which, with its fantastic Leica optics, should be comparable to the Sony and it is not, they are much inferior. I believe that the technological development of the smartphone image processors is at a much higher level than that of the camera processors, ... Venus engine ..., Bionz, ... backlite sensor ..., short, many things, (and a lot of theater), but with the cameras if you want quality you should go to aps / c, or ff, sensors bigger than a smartphone, (joke) ,, but I think camera manufacturers should learn from those of smartphones and progress a lot, if they don't want to disappear. When Xiaomi (I also extend it to other brands such as Samsung or Iphone), they put a lens, viewfinder and body of shape, and a pleasant size for the handling of a human being, goodbye to many of the point & shoot and bridge cameras. I think that only those with very large sensors will remain for fairly professional users.

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