H3d owners - checking lens shutter count

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H3d owners - checking lens shutter count


Let's see if someone can help me out (a bit too specific situation).

I've just bought a HC 35mm f3.5 lens for my H3d-II system.

Tested the lens moments ago, it's fine I guess... far from perfect wide open, but I read somewhere this is not Hassy's finest HC lens anyway.

The problem is shutter count.

The seller said he had 2 copies of this lens, one with about 5 k shutter releases and another with 200 k.

The problem: he no longer has any H3d body to check shutter count, so who knows which lens he did send me?

I bought it via Mercado Livre (Brazil's ebay), and said very clearly I'd test it for shutter count and would return it in case of the 200k copy.

The lens got here today, but I can't find the shutter count

I can only assume my H3d-II body doesn't have the firmware update to check for shutter count, because it's nowhere to be found...

I tried (on the body) menu, settings, which then 30+ items appear, but no "system status" as I read I should see to check shutter count.

I have no firewire connection to update the body's firmware.

So, is that it?

Am I out of options and can only hope the seller was honest (in Brazil's case, you can NEVER, EVER take that as an option)?

Any tip is super welcomed.

I really don't want to return the lens (too much hazzle, and I do want to keep the lens), but if it's the 200k copy, is way past expected lifespam.

Such a mess of a situation...

Best regards,

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