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Ugh. Can we stop this?

ADW02 wrote:

I think in the long run, as mirrorless technology is better refined, that may be a good thing, but what does that mean for those of us who are heavily invested in EF lenses, and the DSLR cameras that use them?

It means nothing. It presents no complication whatsoever to your photographic endeavors.

Let's say you decide one day in the near or distant future that you that want an EF lens you don't already own? You're in luck, friend: Canon has produced more than 125 million EF lenses in the 30+ years they've been offered. Any EF lens you desire won't be hard to find for decades to come. (Why am I so confident? Because it's easy to find almost any Canon FD lens you may want, today, even though they were discontinued 30+ years ago and produced in far smaller quantities.)

Or let's say your DSLR wears out 300,000 shutter actuations from now, and you need a new camera body? OK, then you go buy a R5, R6, or whatever RF body Canon produces next, with your choice of three Canon EF-to-RF adapters, and your current lens set continues to perform flawlessly. Except actually, your EF glass performs better than before: you get the new body's improved autofocus, you get stabilization added behind your non-IS lenses, and you get either an additional control ring or a rear drop-in filter slot added to every EF lens you own, depending on the EF-to-RF adapter you chose.

Imagining some kind of radical "discontinuity" between EF and RF bodies is just an exercise in fanning flames of controversy apropos of nothing. It's fake news. It's a deliberate attempt to ignore or obfuscate the three well-made, weather-sealed, feature-enhancing adapters Canon developed to make every EF lens work even better-than-natively on new RF bodies.

Take it from someone who owns both a 5DS and an R5: every EF lens I have works either identically well or better on the R5. This is true even for the third-party glass. It's a flawless experience. The adapted mount doesn't feel awkward. It doesn't look awkward. (To the contrary--I think the crisp "all business" design language of the control-ring adapter is a joy.) And it doesn't make the overall rig meaningfully larger--the footprint is still smaller than a DSLR outfit. Reviewers all thought lenses like the Tamron 35/1.4 SP were incredible on the 5Ds/r? Eff that: you should see it go on the R5, with 5+ stop IBIS and the R5's prescient AI autofocus.

If you sense some frustration in my tone, you're reading me right. Because the extreme continuity between DSLR and mirrorless systems Canon has thoughtfully engineered, here, is something special and unique in the system camera business. Sony never bothered much with it. Neither did Nikon. If you had invested in the original Sony/Minolta Alpha mount, you were largely just S-O-L when Sony mirrorless bodies took over; available Alpha-to-FE adapters ship with a library of footnotes, caveats, asterisks, and limitations. You practically need to bring your lawyer with you to your shoot just to keep track of what you should be and shouldn't be able to do. The Sony adapters just do not add value to Alpha-mount lenses. Same deal if you just bought a Nikon Z and you're looking to use your decades-long library of Nikon AF-D "screwdriver" F-mount lenses. Sorry, the F-to-Z adapter doesn't drive those.

So if you shoot a Sony Alpha DSLT, or a Nikon DSLR, the path forward to mirrorless is fraught. The discontinuity is real. You're very likely gonna need some new glass if / when you update your body. But if you shoot a Canon EOS DSLR, your future is completely the opposite: all of your EF glass just gets better on the RF mirrorless body of your choice.

Can we please, please, just stop pretending that "there be monsters, here," and appreciate that Canon, alone, actually thought quite carefully about the value of its users' existing lens investments? That Canon, alone, actually made a seamless transition to mirrorless possible, whenever (or if ever) the user so desires?

Sony and Nikon user uncertainties are for the Sony and Nikon forums. Let's leave them there, huh? They just aren't relevant, here.

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