Example of EFCS vs ES vs Mechanical with the 250 & 1.4 TC. ES wins - No vibration

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Example of EFCS vs ES vs Mechanical with the 250 & 1.4 TC. ES wins - No vibration

I was just testing my GF 250 with and without the 1.4x TC to see why my zebras 4 months ago were off 4 feet on all the selected single focus points wide open, as Grilled Cheese scolded me in and then I acted like a defensive 2-year-old.  They were all off and the focus plane was not where I put it.

I just this hour tested the 250 (with and without 1.4x TC) for 40 shots at a wide variety of targets near and far and with objects surrounding the focus point spot a little closer or farther away.  I shot wide open.

Critical focus was exactly wherever I put the single focus point, so I don't know what happened on those zebras.  That lens is so sharp it is almost supernatural.

But I noted something interesting.  I shot at 25 feet with the 250 & 1.4x TC at a very valuable little Russian lacquer box the size of my hand.  On that box are some painted faces the size of a pea.

At 25 feet, here are the three shots locked down on a RRS big tripod w IBIS off.  I shot the first one w EFCS, the second with ES and the third mechanical.

Only ES has no vibration and is super sharp.  The other two are still amazing at 25 feet for a face the size of a pea, but you can see vibration with EFCs and mechanical shutter.

EFCS - focus point on the horse rider's head

ES - bone sharp

Mechanical -

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