Fujifilm Discovery 900 Super Zoom eats new film cartridges

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Re: Fujifilm Discovery 900 Super Zoom eats new film cartridges

OnyxBlad3 wrote:

I've tried two different ones but they were from the same box

That probably rules out a jammed cannister. I'd say the problem is the camera. As others have said, those cameras wind out the film all the way, then rewind it into the cannister as you shoot (that way if you accidentally open the back of the camera, you don't lose the pics you already took -- a very smart idea). If you got the camera from an auction site, I'd consider returning it.

I shoot with few auto-winders and none that wind out the film. I have had one reloadable cannister get jammed on me, and I had to open the camera in a dark bag. So I don't know that reloadable cannisters will help you. If the camera isn't working with pre-packaged film, my guess is it isn't going to work at all.

Sorry -- that's a major bummer. :-/

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