MacBook Pro and Spyder X

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Jacques Cornell wrote:

rainydiary wrote:

Jacques Cornell wrote:

rainydiary wrote:

Ellis Vener wrote:

Which calibration settings did you choose ?

I choose full calibration and setting like this tutorial video.

Please don't make us watch a video just to help you. You'll be more likely to get help if you watch the video yourself and answer Ellis' question here. We need to know the White Balance, brightness, gamut and contrast levels chosen for calibrating. Also, the make and model of your display.

In particular, if you're using an inexpensive display and calibrating it to less than 6000K with a luminance of 120cd/m2 or less, it'll probably look yellowish.

A good starting point is -

  • WB: 6500K or D65
  • Luminance: 120-140cd/m2
  • Gamut: sRGB, aRGB, or P3 (depending on your display)
  • Contrast: native

I have use these settings :

WB : 6500K

Luminance : 120 cd/m2

I wouldn't expect that to look "yellowish". You haven't provided all the info I requested.

Also, how old is your Spyder X colorimeter ?

The Spyder X was about one year.

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