Z6ii or Z7ii for my needs?

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Re: Z6ii or Z7ii for my needs?

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

aniltulsi wrote:

But I am not happy with the AF performance of Z6, so was planning to upgrade. Now a days, I am more into Birding, and get into low light situation quite often. Then the AF of Z6 starts hunting for some time, enough for me to miss the shot. Also, Sucess rate of BIF for small fast birds is quite low.

Are you using auto-area AF and approximately pre focussing where you expect the birds to be?

While I appreciate the Z auto-area AF remains a "one size has to fit all subjects" - with approximate pre focus I find lock on in the blink of an eyelid even in low light and even with a lens like the 200-500.

For BIF, I use Wide Area (L), as I don't trust Auto Area to find the bird. For bird on perch, I use Auto Area with the tracking box, whatever it is called.

I always use TC-1.4 with my 200-500, so the maximum aperture is f/8. The low light is when I reach ISO 6400, with shutter falling below 1/200s. Then the camera starts hunting a lot. I think Z6ii should still be able to AF, in such conditions.

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