Question on Lens weight - APSc vs Full Frame

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Re: Question on Lens weight - APSc vs Full Frame

To the original poster, I think the concern is valid. I have A7C, and based on usage so far, anything over 500-550 grams or so seems "too heavy" for the system, based on the smaller size, the smaller grip.

This is just to us. 450 grams or so and under seems OK.

So with that in mind, there are a wide variety of f1.8 primes that are a great fit for that system. Even the 24mm GM, or 35mm GM mostly fit within that envelope.

But I do feel like having a set of smaller, lighter prime lenses might make sense within the use case. I can totally appreciate the person that gets the 28-200 tamron lens, or the 28-75 tamron zoom for the A7C (or even larger), but it just wasn't our cup of tea.

Since the original poster's primarily was shooting with primes anyways, I don't think the weight/size issue with FF is warranted, as there are plenty of good FF primes.

Just stay away from Zooms unless you are OK with the trade offs, and don't buy the 50mm F1.2 even if it is great

If you're already using APS-C today, you can still buy these FF lenses on e-mount and use them in crop mode to get a sense of the weight! If you upgrade to A7C, you can just continue using those FF lenses!

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