Any user thoughts on the Sony 28-60mm?

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Re: Any user thoughts on the Sony 28-60mm?

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I'm not help you with my experience with 28-60. But I would in your case also consider some nice 35mm, like Samyang or Sony f1.8. Size is similar, more possibilies of interesting photos thanks to wider apperture acc. my opinion.

I have the Rokinon 45mm 1.8 and Sony 24mm 1.4. Both are great and light, but want a lightweight zoom for travel.

How about the new Sigma 28-70 f/2.8? Yes, bigger than the Sony 28-60, but still appreciably lighter than the Sony 24-105 f/4, and it's f/2.8 across the full range, so better than either of those other zooms.

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Just weighing my my $0.02 - I'm going to do exactly this with an A7C - get the Sigma 28-70 f2.8 DN C lens, unless something negatives comes out in the reviews after more people get it in the coming months.. While it might not be the best, for the size/weight, I think it's a good trade off.

Only weighs 470 grams compared to the 663 of the 24-105.. And it will be the "go to Disney and keep one lens on the camera" type of use case. If you need 105, just put it into APS-C mode... If you're already looking at the 28-60 kit, then starting with 28 is equivalent.

The 28-60 kit lens is sharp enough, but there are times when you might want the better subject/background separation.

But that's just what I'm going to do

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