Looking for some advice on a7C kit lens

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Re: Looking for some advice on a7C kit lens

I also have A7C and got it with the kit lens...

I didn't want to regret NOT getting it with the Kit later on (always can sell) but I literally have not used it once for any real photography in almost 6 months, other than just to test the lens... If there is any real photo I care about, I'll always put on, the better lens.

The only reason I haven't sold it yet is the reason I got it, was for travel... Situations where I don't want to bring a whole photo bag on vacation, and just put the A7C with the kit lens in a pocket... or if I'm going on a walk, and who knows if anything interesting will happen - maybe I'll take zero photos - but just bring it in case.

Maybe this situation will actually be a valid use case, but with COVID, I haven't found the instance for these candid shots yet...

If I were to go on a trip or vacation, and still did not use the 28-60 kit under any circumstance in practice versus theoretical, I'd sell it for sure in an instant. But if I did bring it and did use it to take candid shots that otherwise either would NOT be taken at all, or would be taken with my phone camera... I'm sure the kit lens is still better than my iphone...

But for me, that's my rationale... Probably I should sell it, and just get a 35mm f2.8 for this type of use case, if it weren't so damn expensive...

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