Fujifilm Discovery 900 Super Zoom eats new film cartridges

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Re: Fujifilm Discovery 900 Super Zoom eats new film cartridges

OnyxBlad3 wrote:

I have checked most of the contacts, they are clean and the rollers move freely. Its trying to load the film to take pictures and it counts the exposures on the top of the camera as it's not a manual roll camera. And it does try to load it but it stops and puts all of it back into the camera as if I used all the exposures and need to send the canister to go get developed. I have pictures of the camera and can take a picture of the inside if need be.

I have a Nikon F55 which does the same thing as yours is trying to do.  When you load the film it winds all the film onto the take up spool and then sets the number of exposures to 24 or 36.   Then as you take photos it counts down until it gets to zero, pulling film back into the canister as it goes.  So the negatives end up the wrong way, with the first shot at the end of the film.  When it gets to zero it then pulls the remainder back into the canister.   It sounds like something is stopping your camera from pulling the negative all the way out, so it’s thinking there’s no film left and winding it back in.

I have a reloadable cassette that I use to test cameras, so it’s quite easy to try different things.  But you’re presumably not in that position ? If your happy you can get the film back out you could try a different roll of film ?

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