I was reading the reviews of the LA-EA5 on Sony.com...

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Re: How many A-mount users are waiting for new bodies with full support for LA-EA5?

Prognathous wrote:

Donbont wrote:

So what system are you switching to?

I'm not switching yet, but if I see that the LA-EA5 compatibility is a hopeless issue, a system switch will be the next sensible step. I'm really tired of the AF limitations of my A77 MkII and want to move on to mirrorless with on-sensor PDAF. Any brand that offers it would be in consideration, so this probably only leaves out Panasonic and Pentax (and technically Olympus, but they're already not a player). I don't care about the brand reputation, so this won't factor into my decision. I only care about functional attributes and cost.

I'm still not clear on how you plan to fund your proposed move to a new system.

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