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Re: field macro light improvement options

Hi Gregor! Did you got those items? Have you had any chance to test it?

I m serious in investing to something similar, so hopefully I can get more impressions on this setup. I m a bit put off by the total cost to be honest, but at least if maintenance cost is low (and results are good!), there it might worth considering..

Gregor Samsa wrote:

I'm currently looking for something similar, and I'm on Sony too.

I had a Sigma ring flash, but one tube isn't firing any more, so I'm taking the opportunity to upgrade to something more flexible.

I'm going to go with the Meike MK-MT24 wireless twin flash:

And this dual articulated arm bracket:

It was the curly cable that went on my Sigma flash, so I want to get away from wires and take advantage of the versatility of wireless. The MK-MT24 system uses RF, so line of sight isn't needed. The price of the MK-MT24 is the same as the KX-800, and you'll have the added expense of the bracket and arms (you can probably get cheaper than what I linked to above), but the whole system is modular. You can add extra MK-R200 flashes if you want (I think to a maximum of 8), or individually replace a flash, the control unit or the arm assembly separately if anything breaks. Joints for the arms can even be bought individually.

I'm going to figure out diffusion when I get the flash. I believe the supplied diffusers aren't very good, but that's not a very difficult issue to solve.

There's a good review of the whole setup here:

I haven't got this setup yet, so I can't comment on it with any experience, but it's what my research has led to, and I'm placing my order for the bits today (I'm in Euorpe, so I'll be getting the flash and maybe the bracket from a more local online store).

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