Z6ii or Z7ii for my needs?

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Re: If I were you, I would wait

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I was personally underwhelmed by the Z6II/Z7II, in comparison to the Z6 I already own. Yeah, they've made changes for the better, that's appreciated, but compared to Canon and Sony, they're still lagging behind significantly.

Wait until the Z9 (or Z8) comes out, see how large the AF upgrade is and then hope some of that tech trickles down to the third generation of Z6/Z7.

I know Z8 will meet most of my needs, but I can't wait for it...

Sorry to sound cranky, but you don’t know anything about the hypothesized Z8 because it has not been announced. No one outside Nikon product management even knows if such a camera is on the drawing board.

Exactly. Any "Z8" is merely vaporware at this point. Yes, Nikon has somewhat pre-announced the Z9, but IMO that is merely something they had to do to generate some attention since their new product announcements have really slowed down, most likely due to Covid and the related global IC chip shortage. The product slow down is totally understandable, but Nikon hasn't told us that much about the Z9 and when it will be available.

Since there are Z5, Z6 (and ii), Z7 (and ii) and then Z9, it is logical that there will be some Z8 that is between the Z7 and Z9. Other than that, even details about the Z9 are sketchy, let alone Z8.

None of us knows.

No offense, but I think it is premature to assume that this "Z8" is the right camera for anybody.

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