Fujifilm Discovery 900 Super Zoom eats new film cartridges

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Re: Fujifilm Discovery 900 Super Zoom eats new film cartridges

OnyxBlad3 wrote:

I just recently got myself a second hand discovery 900, though after getting film and a new battery for it I've realized it has one glaring issue. Whenever I put in a new cartridge (35mm fujifilm 400) and run it over to the spool the camera eats it's. To explain they have an auto wind feature that will count how many exposures are left in that set of film, and for whatever reason it will try to count it but it's never gone past 3 before being fed back into the cartridge and me having to pull hairs trying to fish it back out. I feel like I may be missing something as everything else works on the camera with no issue or hassle. I hope that it's something easy I missed and I'm just being an idiot? I really hope this is something y'all can help me with as I would love to keep the camera. Thank your for your time!

I presume the camera is pre-winding the film to the other side and then it winds it back into the cassette as you use the film (that way if you open the back your photos are safe in the cassette) ?  It sounds like there‚Äôs something wrong with one of the sensors that control this - you could try making sure all the contacts are clean and everything moves freely ?

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