are BSI sensors going to revolutionise M43 ?

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Re: are BSI sensors going to revolutionise M43 ?

Jacques Cornell wrote:

Joshua1209 wrote:

Funny Valentine wrote:

Is BSI that much of a big deal in sensor technology that we are currently missing in m43 ?

Since no current m43 sensor aren't BSI, when they will be implemented, is it going to be a game changer ?

A blazing fast PDAF/ CDAF system great at subject tracking and some computational photography muscle will help too.

Panasonic's S-AF is already blazing fast, and it works in lower light than most.

I had an OLYMPUS body with beautiful f1.8 lenses, albeit let down by that CDAF. I jumped ship to Sony APS-C after using my friend's camera to shoot my running around the house toddler. The subject tracking with AF-C is insane.

I could nail many more shots easily compared to my Olly. In every other way, the Olly was comparable or better than the Sony.

The AF on the Sony is better than the GX9, my uncle has.

I miss the lens selection of the M43 though.

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