First _real_ outing with the M6II

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Re: First _real_ outing with the M6II

Larry Rexley wrote:

Lovely images! I'd say you're doing that camera and its lenses justice.

I've been to some of those places. You've done a great job capturing the 'magic' feeling of them.

Thanks so much. Very kind. The beauty of the forest and the coast are truly inspiring.

As for the 'blown out' highlights --- I've only experienced that if the exposure compensation get accidentally bumped up to +1 to +3... you should obviously not be seeing that.

Do the highlights look blown out when viewed on the camera, or is it just in your software when post-processing?

I can see the blown highlights on the screen and in the viewfinder even before I press the shutter. I stop down to mitigate it, knowing that I’ll be able to recover the shadows.

I’m shooting matrix metering photometry, so it may be overreacting to the large range of intensity a bit. But I find that it’s easier to just leave it in that mode all the time and exposure compensate when I need to, rather than constantly changing photometry settings.

Check your current 'Picture Style' and make sure that the 'default' brightness, contrast, and saturation your camera are using are in the middle settings... if they are cranked up then you might see skies that are too bright. You might try the 'faithful' picture style as a good starting point.

I double checked the Picture Styles and they were still set to default (0) contrast and saturation. I have C1 set for general color landscapes with Landscape Picture Style, C2 set for landscapes with Monochrome Picture Style, and I try to keep Fv mode set to either Standard or Auto Picture Style. All 4 styles are (were) set to default contrast and saturation. Tomorrow I might try going negative on the contrast to see if it helps. I had changed the default sharpening, fineness, and threshold settings for all of them, but I don’t believe these should have any effect on blowout.

if you haven't tried it, you might consider downloading Canon's own DPP 4.0 software that comes with the cameras, and opening your files using that. Their software was optimized for their cameras (for RAW files especially) and has great functionality for lens corrections, sharpening, and many other things. It allows you to do surprisingly a lot with an image, although it can be quite slow at times.

I do have the software but have only used it a couple of times. Mostly because as you mentioned, it’s slow. But I’ll revisit it to see if I can figure this out.

Thanks for all your suggestions! I’ve never had these issues with other cameras, so it’s either me or my expectations. (It also seems to struggle with white balance indoors — stair steps in large increments rather than a smooth transition as I pan around a room).

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