Which Lens should I use?

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With all this talk of lenses and reach, I really think there is a market for someone to come out with a lens like a 500 f/6.3 that is as sharp as the big exotics when stopped down to f/7.1 and somewhere in between the cost of a 150-600 superzoom and the 500pf. The budget superzooms in my opinion have too many compromises and a lens like the 500pf is too costly for others.

Personally I’d rather just pay the extra and get the f/5.6 but maybe I’m in the minority.

The funny thing about the budget superzoom (Sigma 150-600 C) is that I’ve submitted photos from mine to various publications and displayed prints from them to people who are very serious about photography and they couldn’t pick the images from the Sigma from the ones from my EF 500 and 600mm f/4’s. Maybe they aren’t all that compromised after all.

Compromises doesn't mean all images are worse. Of course there are scenarios where lenses even cheaper than the 150-600's can be top-notch. I've taken shots with my Tamron 150-600 G2 under perfect conditions, which even at 100% are virtually as good as shots I have taken with the 500PF. And I pixel peep like crazy. In fact, I just printed stunning 12x16 shot from the Tamron. It's just that the 500PF performs better more often, and in other scenarios there are shots I've taken with the Tamron that I wasn't entirely happy with that I know the 500pf would have done a better job with.

The thing is that it’s not only under “perfect” conditions. The Sigma actually is quite a good lens.

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