Olympus camera settings for Godox/Flashpoint triggers

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Re: Olympus camera settings for Godox/Flashpoint triggers

stateit wrote:

E-M1ii owner here, but it's the same for the Mkiii. I use their V860ii, V350 & AD200 flashes, and X2-T trigger, when I'm doing mobile photography.

I just set the camera to manual, dial in the aperture and shutter speed I want (generally 1/250s or 1/160s when shooting people) and set the flash to TTL.

Don't bother putting the camera in RC mode, it will only work with the Olympus system flashes.

It seems to work fine for me, max flash output dependant. If the results are too dark, I open up the aperture, or slow down the shutter speed. I haven't bothered worrying about what's greyed out. As I said, it works for me.

Thanks. I think I'm overthinking it, since the flash seems to be more capable than the camera. Probably just another oddity of the Oly menu system.

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