I was reading the reviews of the LA-EA5 on Sony.com...

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Re: How many A-mount users are waiting for new bodies with full support for LA-EA5?

Prognathous wrote:

I know I am. I don't care for the two bodies that are currently supported, the main issue is that they're just too expensive. The A6600 is a few hundred dollars above what I'm willing to pay, but it has some some annoying downgrades compared to my A77 MkII, mainly the lack of sweep panorama and a built-in flash. Having owned an A6000 I know can live with downgraded ergonomics, battery life and more limited LCD screen. I wouldn't want to give up the sweep panorama feature, which I find to be very useful when travelling. The tilting built-in flash is also a surprisingly useful feature, despite its low GN (higher ISO to the rescue).

In short, my money is waiting for an A6400-tier body with IBIS and full LA-EA5 compatibility , screw-drive AF and all. Until then, my A77 MkII will have to do. And if Sony releases more bodies and ignores the LA-EA5, like they did with the A7C, then I guess it's a sign to start considering a switch to another system.

Anyone else waiting for Sony's next move here?

So what system are you switching to?

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