A small/light tele companion to the Oly 12-100?

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A small/light tele companion to the Oly 12-100?

Previously the 12-40/2.8 was my primary very-often-on MFT lens. For a light kit I normally added the 9-18/4.0-5.6 in the wide end. In the tele end the 40-150/4.0-5.6 was a natural companion. (The 9-18 and 40-150 can both be carried in jacket pockets and adds only 155 + 190 grams.) Often the 75-300/4.8-6.7 (423 g) has also joined the ride, (carried in a separate lens bag, a backpack or whatever).

Now, however, a 12-100/4.0 has replaced my 12-40 as the go-to lens and aquired the role of nearly-always-on.

The 9-18 continues, of course, in the wide end, but what lens to add in the tele end?

The 40-150/4.0-5.6 is still light, and adds, of course, to the same the total reach. However, the overlap with the 12-100 is substantial and it doesn't add that much anymore.
The 75-300 doesn't have that much overlap with the 12-100 and continues to be fairly light, so that lens would probably appear to many as the natural answer for a 12-100 companion.
However, its size exceeds pocketable.

So could there be an alternative?

The Pana 100-300/4.0-5.6 gives the same reach and is faster. At just one millimeter shorter, but with an increase to 520 grams, though, it doesn't really add anything to the pocketability department. Neither do the Oly and Pana 100-400s, as well as the Pana 200/2.8 -- all around a kilo and substantially longer.

So what could we imagine as a possible lens that complements the 12-100 as a lightweight and fairly small tele companion?

Obviously the laws of physics puts some limits to how small a lens with relatively long FL can be. But somewhere between the 83 mm lenght and 190 grams of the 40-150/4.0-5.6, and the 117 mm and 423 g of the 75-300 (both with a 58 mm filter thread) something should be possible. For my purposes I could live well with a hole in the FL range, so for me the answer doesn't need to start at 100 mm in the shorter end, and it might not necessarily be a zoom at all.

So what about e.g. a 150-250/5.6-6.3? (How much length and weight can be teared off from e.g. the 126 mm lenght, 520 g and 67 mm thread of the Pana 100-300/4.0-56?)
A 200/5.6? (An OM 200/5.0 is 380 g with a length of 105 mm and filter thread of 49 mm)
A teleconverter that works with the 12-100?

Or what do you think?

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