Voigtländer 58 F1,4 nokton overexposure.

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Re: Voigtländer 58 F1,4 nokton overexposure.

JacquesBalthazar wrote:

what generation 58 do you have? I do not have any overexposure problem at any aperture with my current gen model....

solamnus wrote:

Michael Benveniste wrote:

solamnus wrote:

how are your experiences with it and how do you adjust and live with that knowledge still using it?

Here's a "view from my front door" test I just did against my 60mm f/2.8D with both lenses wide open:

60mm f/2.8D

58mm f/1.4 Nokton

I don't see anywhere near 2/3rds of a stop difference between those shots. This was facing south on a mostly cloudy day. I refused to pay $60 for the "correct" Nokton lens hood and use a generic instead. For the 60mm f/2.8D I got lazy and relied on the recessed element.

You may feel the 60mm exposure is "correct," or the 58mm is "correct," and I won't argue either way, but in my experience with the Voigtländer I haven't see the type of overexposure others report.

That you for your respons. And very nice to see some pictures as reference too.

I had a test shootout with some manual lenses and the 58mm among them the other day. And my 58 consistently over exposed a little on all pictures. So it was not a big deal to fix in post, and now i know and all compensate in beforehand.

I also saw your other post about the hood. It seems similar to this pretty cheap one and like you im fine as long as it works with that.

Not sure, i bought it only a week ago so should be quite new, but haven't checked serial to see if its an older stock etc. I have now set my exposure comp to about 0,7 less and that does the trick most of the time i feel:) so not THAT big of a problem since its pretty consistent. I have most trouble in direkt sunlight with it. Also bought an ND filter that might be handy when i shoot in sunlight and want to use the f1,4 anyhow.

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