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about slides...

I shoot slides of my paintings all the time because some galleries or shows require them in the submission process. A roll of Tungsten slide film runs about $10. The processing runs about $10. So that's $20 for every 36 shots. My 5700 set on JPEG Fine shoots an unlimited amount of photos because the CF cards are reusable. If I shot slides like I shoot my 5700, I'd go broke. Just looking at some pics I took the other day, I shot 82 photos. 30 or so were really good, but I'll only print 4 or 5. The printing cost on my HP 5550 with Ilford paper is about $1 per 8x10. I may display the others on my computer or web site, but I probably won't print them. If I shot 82 photos with slide film, I may have only got the same 4 or 5 pics that I really wanted, but I would've spent 60 dollars on film and processing. Plus I'd need a slide scanner to get them into my computer if I was going to do anything more than show them in a projector. I don't really see shooting slides as an economical solution, even though the SLR rig would cost less initially than a DSLR rig.

Ping, I'm not sure I was clear in my previous post. My opinion is that you should stick with your 4500 until you can afford something SIGNIFICANTLY better. That may be the next generation of 5700 (IMO the 5700 is probably not enough of an upgrade to warrant the purchase in your situation) or it may be a dslr--if you're serious about going into photography as a career.

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