How many here don't foresee using a mirrorless ILC?

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Re: How many here don't foresee using a mirrorless ILC?

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WongRQ wrote:

I find it a bit weird that people rave about ovf then go home and edit there images on a large evf .

hahaha but people don’t like EVF cause of its lag

Tell me if a bird is flying past you at 25meters distance at 50klm and fills half the frame how far to the left of the frame from center do you think the bird will be at 15 milli secs evf lag ?


Assuming I can remember basic trig:

Birders tend to use 500mm lenses which have a full frame horizontal FOV of 4.1 degrees. The frame horizontally measures 2x25tan2.05 = 1.79m.

I'm not sure what 50klm means, but assuming it's 50 km/h or 14(ish)m/s, then a 15ms lag would equate to 0.21m.

However, if you intend to frame the bird centrally, then it only has the second half of the frame to fly into which is 0.89m so 0.21m is a 24%(ish) error.

Hope this helps.

It doesn't work that way. You're not having your camera stable but you follow the target. If you have the bird framed in the center of EVF that's where it's in the picture too. If there's an error it's in the position of the wings. Anyways the same applies to OVF with mirror...

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