Smallrig L Bracket Arrived

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Re: Smallrig L Bracket Arrived

Prosophos wrote:

Rich42 wrote:

FLG2012 wrote:

Rich42 wrote:

Now listed as Out of Stock for 5 weeks!


It looks like they may have some stock on their eBay page.

Thanks. I ordered it from there.

But delivery is May 26 - June 3


I don't think that they actually have them in stock, despite the listing description. I ordered one a few weeks ago and it still hasn't shipped. A friend of mine ordered one before me, and his hasn't shipped either. I guess that's why the delivery date lead time is so far into the future.

I've pre-order the plate some time ago, when some people here got theirs I ask them when I will get mine. They told me the next «batch» will around 20th april.

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