To Q2 owners - reality check vs hopes

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Re: To Q2 owners - reality check vs hopes

RobertLysakowski wrote:

I am about to pull the trigger on Q2. Read enough reviews, seen enough of images.

Selling M240 + lenses to fund it.

I am curious for your experience so far.

You bought the Q2 with some expectations in mind, some 'vision'. How did it work out for you, what surprised you, what met or exceeded your expectations, what disappointed you?



Fantastic all in one camera. Little more I could ask for. My wife could use it as a P&S and I can use it more creatively and it pushes all the right buttons with macro, 35, 50 and 75mm as well as autofocus and an incredibly easy to use interface; Leica's interface SHINES compared to all competition. Little the manual offers that common sense can't figure out.

Yes the "blown highlights" can be a factor at first but easily fixed in post and easily accounted for after a week of shooting, understanding the camera and its exposure settings and really no different than any other camera when set to default.

Lens is spectacular and affords a very fast option, albeit much better when stopped down even just a little.

Yes the output is amazing. I have been back and forth with Leica and still love my Leica images over the years more than any other.

All in one camera that is built like a tank, "waterproof", top optics and ergonomically to die for. Too many people don't place enough emphasis on the "fun of shooting" and I promise you there are few other cameras as much fun to use.

NOW, as to having but one camera? Personally as good as the Q2 is, my choice would be and SL variant with M adapter and M lens. I use the SL2 and am literally floored by how good it is. Covid has kept me at bay but I am now doing my thing and while I initially was toting my Q2 around i started shooting with SL2 more often and it is hard to go back. I have BIG HEAVY 24-90, big 35mm APO and 21mm SEM and just amazed. Some here have mentioned to get an SL with a cheap Sigma, however, I really love Leica glass and could never recommend the camera without it. Just  my opinion.

Long and short, Q2 is an amazing camera, small and pushes all the right buttons and you will never get tired of its awesomeness and even if you do, something most don't get when factoring in price, is that Leica's resale value (while you lose money) is much higher than the competition and your net sum will not be as bad as the competition. My only caveat as I pointed out is, personally I find, the SL2 with an M lens still "small" although bigger than a Q2 to yield more pleasing results; however, remember going that direction is more expensive and you lose the water resistance so it is not an apples to apples comparison.

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