Z6ii or Z7ii for my needs?

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Re: Z6ii or Z7ii for my needs?

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bsinc1962 wrote:

I was in almost the same boat as you decision-wise. I was shooting a D5 and Z6 but wanted a higher MP body. I wound up selling both bodies and bought a Z6ii for low light and faster moving subjects and picked up a low mileage Z7 for landscapes and slower moving mammals. So far so good.

That’s exactly the route I went, for the same reasons but for different genres. I shoot a lot of reportage and events, often at night. I don’t need large files for this work, but I do need the best low light AF that Nikon Z can offer me.

So that’s the Z6 II.

I then traded my original Z6 for a lightly used Z7 with 500 clicks on it. That cost me £1800 instead of paying £2999 for a new Z7II. The logic being a high resolution body would be a great companion to a faster one.

If low light AF is important, here are the Nikon specs (rated at an aperture of F2)

  • Z7 -2EV (same as the Z5 and Z50)
  • Z7 II -3EV
  • Z6 -3.5EV
  • Z6II -4.5EV

We can see from these specifications that the Z6 II has 50% more low light AF “night vision” capability than the Z7 II and 125% more than the Z7 for example. To me that difference is extremely important.


Having Z6ii + Z7 seem to be a good combination, if you can afford. I can only have Z6 + Z7ii combo, which is not ideal for me. So will settle for Z6 + Z6ii

Cost  considerations is why I went new for my Z6II and used for my Z7. By trading in my original Z6 the actual cost to change was £1000 for the Z7. Plus £1999 for the new Z6 II. So my outlay was £2999 which is the exact same price as buying just a Z7 II and keeping the original Z6.

But for my use cases, and for the same cash outlay, a Z6 II plus Z7 makes a lot more sense than a Z7 II plus Z6.

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