Z6ii or Z7ii for my needs?

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Re: Z6ii or Z7ii for my needs?
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Hopping on your thread with a similar dilemma. I have a set up I created for kids sports and family vacations: D7000 with a bunch of decent glass (wide angle 10-24, prime 35 walk around 18 -270 & 200-500mm). Seems like my desires are shifting toward places mirrorless would do better. Sitting outside quietly photographing animals (mostly birds)

I'm especially interested in better BIF photos. I also find with aging eyes the viewfinder on the Nikon Z6 worked better for me than does my D7000. So what I am thinking about doing is giving my son my whole kit and starting over.

Seeking recommendations on whether you would stay in the Nikon family if you were starting over, or would you jump to Cannon?

Before reading your string I was leaning toward either the 6ii / 7ii (want AF quick and good). Now I am thinking maybe I ride the D7k a little longer and see what Nikon does. Or maybe jump to Cannon.

Your opinions are welcome

What I have seen, the Canon R5/6 are better in terms of AF speed, and they also support Eye-AF for birds, which is a big support for clicking fast moving birds. Your camera focuses on the eye of the bird, not the wings.

However, I don't know the cost of the whole system of camera and lenses of Canon RF system. Check the overall cost, to see if it is worth switching over. I can't afford it, so will stay with Nikon's limitations.

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